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The Westminster obsessions with EU membership, foreign aid, climate change, and endless tinkering with devolution for party advantage all show Parliament’s disregard for the voters.

EU directives impose costly obligations on local government (procurement, waste disposal, etc) and uncontrolled immigration heaps pressure onto local and national services alike, not least the need to plan and deliver more housebuilding everywhere.

UKIP, uniquely among the main parties, advocates a free and independent United Kingdom. UKIP will defend our citizens, manage migration fairly, fund the NHS, and will negotiate world-wide trading partnerships. UKIP believes in Britain.

UKIP Members of Parliament, uniquely among the main parties, as a matter of UKIP policy take direction from local electors rather than from national politicians. UKIP believes in local democracy.

As your Member of Parliament , I will work to ensure that local policies address your needs and views, as far as our laws will permit.


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Why I am standing for UKIP

Like most, I never sought to involve myself in politics, but I have reluctantly concluded that the leadership of our other main parties have lost sight of their responsibilities to the electorate.

By their actions they confirm that they are driven by narrow sectional interest rather than by the national interest.

They seek to control distort or suppress our views rather than to listen to us. They would serve the EU and quietly forget their responsibility to represent us, the people.

UKIP was founded to restore our national sovereignty, to defend our citizens’ rights and to restore the rule of British law.

We are driven by the traditional British values of fair play, tolerance, free speech, respect for the truth, respect for others, freedom of religion and equality of all under the law, and not least by the enduring British spirit of generosity to those truly in need.

Only UKIP will strengthen our democracy and end our unquestioning acceptance of EU directives.

I stand for UKIP in Durham North because I believe that now is the time for ordinary people such as you and I to take the initiative. It’s time to stand up for our ideals, for our independence, for our democracy, and for good governance.


Vote UKIP on May 7th